Festival Amal Hijab (FAJA)

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Salam sisters,insha Allah this March 13,14,15 MIZAN will be supporting German-Malaysian Institute (GMI) in organizing a fund-raising Hijab event at GMI Bangi called Festival Amal Hijab (FAJA).

One of the many ways to gain source of income is by inviting vendors at their event.

If you are interested to be a vendor for only RM250 for three days, please contact their person in charge at…019 2626578 (faja.act@gmail.com)

Everyone’s invited!
There will be,insha Allah:
MIZAN very own Ayesha Syahira
And so many other celebrities and asatizah such as
Ustazah Fatimah Syarha
Natasha Hudson
Ustazah Amie Sofia
Imam Muda Ashraf
Sister Farah Asyikin
Daie Dayana

And Brother Muadz Dzulkeifly!


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