Hijab Event 2015: Liberation By The Veil

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This year, MIZAN focuses on how hijab’s supposed to liberates the wearer from wordly judgement, free from being fashion slaves and such.

The event was officiated by Dr Normah Abdullah, from Nisa’ Division, WAMY Malaysia.

We originally have Wardina Safiyyah, Dr Harlina Halizah Siraj, Dr Halima Boukerroucha, DJ Mazlina Ismail, Aliza Kim, Natasha Liana Hudson, Jessica Ang and Ustadha Amie Sofia as the speakers. But due to health issues, alhamdulillah we changed some of the speakers.

Forum: Liberation By The Veil
Dr Halima Boukerroucha
Dr Harlina Halizah Siraj
moderated by DJ Mazlina Ismail

Experience Sharing: Hijab-Story
Jessica Ang
Fauziah Abu Bakar
Ustadha Amie Sofia of TVAlhijrah
moderated by Sister Siti Khairunnisa of Medinaa Hijab

in between that we have a Fashion Showcase; Celebrating Modesty – Beauty Under Budget – hosted by Sister Fara Fauzi of Zahra Circle; an usrah group under MIZAN

In this slot the team focuses on how to look fabulous but not spending much and still covers up your awrah. Inspired by Coco Chanel-Muslimah Version that is 🙂

We are more than inspired to hear the story of our Muhajaba Award winner.  A lady suggested her future daughter in law, a non-muslim girl to attend our Hijab Event- the girl did!  And she even bring her Muslim friends to tag along, masha Allah!

Lastly, we have Brother Julien Drolon, a revert; an international singer who concluded the whole event with a meaningful speech on the beauty of hijab.

The whole event was MCed by Sister Ayesha Syahira of AlHijab Sisters

Big Thanks to all of our sponsors; bi iznillah, with their assistance this FREE awareness & celebration campaign was a successful story.

Hopefully we’ll be able to pull a better Hijab Event next year, insha Allah. We welcome any sort of comments. Do not hesitate to email us at admin@mizan.my.

Jazakumullah everyone. May Allah rewards you. Ameen.
Committees shawl – by Alhijab Sisters. <3 <3 <3

‘Spread More Love, Do More Good”

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